Amber teething necklace essay

Amber teething necklaces — should babies wear them?

Amber teething necklace essay

KidsWorldFun Leave a comment When I was looking for a natural alternative to Tylenol and Motrin for my baby who was teething, I found many different products. Some of them were just like teething rings, others were ointments, and some were just safety covers for my fingers to massage her gums.

The treatment oil is called Succinic Acid. Amber has it inside of it, and when it heats up, the oil is released onto the skin. With the skin being so permeable, it is quickly delivered to the bloodstream where it can travel to many areas of the body to do its magic.

Amber has been used for centuries by Europeans and Middle Easterners. They used to use it to treat colds, the flu, and ailments such as arthritis and inflammation. They were even used by healthy individuals because of their immune system and metabolism boosting properties.

Moms have also been using amber necklaces for many years. It can help reduce fever, inflamed gums, and pain. Some moms said it helps their babies sleep through the night and eat better, despite them cutting teeth. I put it on my daughter before we even left the store. I immediately thought that it was just all talk.

The next week, I had a playdate with one of my friends who has used amber teething necklaces. I asked her about it and she informed me that it was because the necklace was made from true amber.

She said that it must be made from quality amber sourced from the Baltic areas of the world. She said that gets hers from Lithuania because they have amber that has the highest potency of Succinic Acid.

Sure enough, I put it on my baby girl and it was only three days later that I started to see a difference in her. I was so amazed.

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When I returned the necklace, my friend said she purchased hers from a website called Baltic Wonder. I went right home and bought one. I am so glad I gave it another shot, and my baby is so much happier because of it.Amber Teething Necklaces.

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Amber teething necklace essay

Go. Sort. Best sellers Product - Mini Natural Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, Oval Design, Anti-Inflammatory & Teething Pain Reducing Properties Unisex Babies Necklace With Twist-in Screw Clasp.

Product Image. About Baltic Amber Necklaces. The reason I decided to try an amber necklace for teething is because it didn’t involve me giving my daughter drugs. There is a treatment oil in the amber, but it’s naturally found in many of the foods we eat, such as bread, barley, cheese, milk, etc.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are a huge craze: but they're actually DANGEROUS. Find out why they're not recommended inside!

I’ve had an amber teething necklace on my daughter since she was a baby, and she is currently 2 1/2. When she was asleep, we would tuck it into her pjs or snap it between two snaps, and she NEVER had a problem.

Amber For Babies specializes in Amber Teething Necklace, Bracelet & Anklet Jewelry. Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces ship Same Day from New York! The Many Uses of Baltic Essentials Therapeutic Jewelry.


All Natural Baltic Amber works as an anti-inflammatory. Babies wear these natural necklaces to alleviate teething pain. Toddlers for growing pains. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Raw Milk Newborn Baby Infant Toddler From $ USD.

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