British airways: strategic plan essay

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British airways: strategic plan essay

It is one of the most enduring successes of British industry and enterprise, and is virtually as old as the history of civil aviation itself. The company has ridden crests of massive discontinuities throughout the 20th century, which have not just affected operations deeply, British airways: strategic plan essay even its ownership and nature.

It is therefore also a powerful symbol of successful transfer of business assets from government to private hands. The branding of a network carrier presents formidable management challenges.

Air travel, especially in business and first class, is as much a service as a tangible product Payne, Differentiation is complicated by having to serve both business and vacation travelers simultaneously, though the demands of the 2 segments may even be contradictory in some respects, and in convergence only rarely.

Competition is amongst the most intense for any sector of enterprise, with few opportunities to stand apart in terms of aircraft specifications. Innovation in all elements of the Marketing Mix Payne, can sustain financially viable operations.

It is evident that the foreseeable future will witness continuing changes in competitive and environmental challenges, which will require fundamental new branding initiatives. Deregulation is one of the most telling developments in the environment for BA Delfmann, It is a double-edge sword for the airline, giving it the flexibility to expand operations in emerging markets, to which hitherto it had limited access at best, but simultaneously taking away the protection it enjoyed by virtue of landing slots in the most lucrative airports of the developed world.

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Entire swatches of BA customers have been taken away by low cost carriers Delfmann, However, the flexibility of the airline to offer enhanced services to preferred customers Payne, who pay premium fares, has also improved as a result of regulatory moves in favor of unfettered competition.

BA adopted its present share ownership structure as a result of UK government policy in favor of private ownership of corporate entities. It may not have been able to survive in the present global context of country subsidies, and could have suffered the fate of some national carriers from the mainland of Europe Delfmann, in this respect.

Even a labor government in the U. However, with a home base within the European Union, BA suffers from regulatory fetters on price, network, labor, and environment fronts, which do not apply to peers based in some Asian countries.

Also read about British airways organisational structure Overall, the political environment for privately owned carriers is now much better than for most of the previous century, and the early decades of the industry, but risks of bankruptcy are also heightened, with little possibility of government intervention in events of severe demand and price pressures, due to geo-political developments and equations.

British airways: strategic plan essay

Few other sectors of organized economic activity have witnessed as much growth as civil aviation, disruptions due to wars and epidemic outbreaks notwithstanding Delfmann, Some regions have recorded especially rapid growth in passenger traffic.

The business traveler and vacation segments have expanded in tandem. The demand for cargo traffic has also swollen appreciably as a result of globalization and industrial growth throughout the world Delfmann, Margins are under pressure due to high inflation in fuel costs, and more recently, because of pressures from within the European Union for better controls on emissions and environmental conservation.

The growth of low cost carriers has not only made inroads in to market shares, but their successes threaten international routes which continue to be preserves of full service airlines such as BA.

There is a possibility that the customer segments which BA has traditionally served may be reduced to small niches, if the trend towards low cost carriers continues. Margin pressures inevitably draw attention towards labor costs Blyton, Lucio, McGurk, and Turnbull, Modern logistics and travel speeds make it possible for carriers to create and to maintain hubs in low cost countries, and while BA has not done this to date, it remains a challenge to maintain the brand without allowing labor costs to become unviable.

Process elements Payne, mean that the high standards of customer service and interaction which BA offers require considerable infrastructure and costs in support functions Explore our Working World, not dated. Price cartels are not allowed Delfmann, BA cannot associate with other network carriers to protect the full-service values.

Already, there are reports of German low-cost operators upgrading services so as to segment the market further Delmann, The overall economic factors are in favor of sustained and superior growth in demand, but with severe and continued pressures on operating margins. The labor cost element, which is most controllable for management in the short-term, is therefore certain to occupy the lime light.

Global industrial growth, and the advance of private enterprise, stimulates demand from business and vacation segments alike. The number of occasions for executives to visit affiliate operations at distant sites, and to confer, have risen enormously.

Simultaneously, the creation of new jobs has led to economic prosperity of the middle-class in all major countries, spawning new demand for vacation trips. Tourism is now viewed by all governments as a major route to economic development, and in its classic as well as new ecological and adventure variations, all contribute handsomely to the growth of demand for airline travel.Gary Foley's personal Koori History page, with monthly special features on aspects of the Aboriginal struggle, photos, essays, and action.

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