Day after tomorrow global warming essay

Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories, which assume [? This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts [! Pope Francis IEvangelii Gaudium, "The Joy of the Gospel," November 26,exclamations and questions added, The European Dream, with its emphasis on collective responsibility and global consciousness

Day after tomorrow global warming essay

The film involves quite a few incidents that lead to a catastrophe or disaster. The director uses different techniques that are traditionally found in a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

For example, there are emotive issues which are sensational, dramatic film scores, heroic action and wide-angle scenes. At the very beginning of the movie, there is a scientists falling down a gap between the ice caps. Immediately, you will get a sense of a blockbuster movie. Moreover, the scientists are collecting ice caps example for research but end up in different sides of the ice cap.

The film also uses wide-angles camera to shoot the deepness of the ice which tries to make it more exciting. The seriousness is that the ice caps are cracking at the same time. From this example, I could definitely tell you that this film is mainly a blockbuster movie, but still a few elements of seriousness in it.

After that, the hailing in Tokyo is interesting as the hail stones are as big as tennis balls. The hail stones are larger than real life as they are exaggerated in the film to make it more exciting. The use of exaggeration is typical in a blockbuster movie. In this particular scene, there are also things like people hit by the hail stones, destruction and car crashing etc.

Usually, quite a few of incidents like these happen at the same time in a blockbuster movie. One more fascinating thing is that the director focuses on one man.

He was talking to his wife on the mobile phone while the hail stones are falling from the sky.

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He was being hit but his wife keeps shouting on the other side of the phone. The focusing by the director makes the scene more emotional but also serious at the same time. Moreover, there are small incidents which are unrealistic and exaggerated. Absolutely, there is nothing serious in it.

The sound effects in this film make us more interested. Like the sound of lightning and thunder are very loud which built up tension.


Secondly, the director amplifies the sounds of the five tornados happening in Los Angeles because he wants to make us more anxious and scared. These two examples show us that the film has a lot of blockbuster elements. However, sound effects are also used in serious films but are usually used in blockbusters.

In the film, there are also quite a few of romance elements in it. Firstly, in the Los Angeles Observatory, the researcher is having a relationship with a lady while the weather is turning worse and worse. This is definitely happen in a blockbuster movie because there is nothing serious.

Secondly, the love rivals between the main characters. These romance elements interest the audience and make them feel involve in the characters story. The global warming effects will happen soon which warn us that they are coming. Secondly, the scientists talked to the President again. He told the president that the storms would get much worse.

The scientists said that he advised to evacuate half of America to warmer places like Mexico, but for all the northern states it was too Javier. Summary: Modern Global Warming has been taking place for the past is the last of several multi-century warming periods that have happened during the Neoglacial cooling of .

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The atmosphere is only % carbon dioxide, of which only 3% stems from human activity.

Day after tomorrow global warming essay

Therefore, human activity cannot create global warming stemming from carbon dioxide, though natural causes of global warming certainly can exist.

(Explanation)* The oceans regulate CO2 in the atmosphere to the. To be used when showing The Day After Tomorrow in class. I usually get mine to use their answers to build a short essay under the title: 'If the planet is warming, what are the climatic possibilities for the future of the Northern hemisphere?'.

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You would not expect that a founding member would have to be reminded of that.

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