Earthquake essay in gujarati

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Earthquake essay in gujarati

Earth The Gujarat earthquake occurred on January 26,at The location of the epicentre was Bhuj With a moment magnitude Mw of between 7.

The event was the result of stored energy in a collision margin, which describes when two continental plates collide and begin to rub, creating pressure, until the energy is released in an quake.

The Effects Because of it size and location, the quake was very destructive in terms of lives lost and damage to property. As many as 20, people were reported dead, andinjured. The final death toll of Kutch was 12, Bhuj, situated only 20 kilometres 14 miles from the epicentre, was the most devastated town.

Earthquake essay

Overall, over a million structures were damaged or destroyed, including many historic buildings and tourist attractions. It partly destroyed the historic Swaminarayan temple in the city.

Considerable damage also occurred in Bhachau.

Earthquake essay in gujarati

The Gujarat Earthquake took place at a distance of 20 kilometers from Bhuj, Gujarat, and was scaled as 6. The Gujarat Earthquake took place on the 26th January when the Republic Day celebration was going on.

It was reported that around 19, people were killed and more thanthousand people were injured.

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Beside these, the Gujarat Earthquake rendered ,00 people homeless, withhouses destroyed and nearlyhouses damaged. Talking about other resources, about 20, cattle were killed. It was estimated that the government had to bear a loss of about 1.

The Gujarat Earthquake, as the reports say, was an intra-plate earthquake which took place due to the collision of the tectonics plates. The worst effected areas of the Gujarat Earthquake were: Ahmedabad cityRajkot: JodiyaDhrol The news of the Gujarat Earthquake spread like bonfire. The some immediate steps were taken by the Gujarat Government, like:Gujarati Nibandh.

story of your community?) 2.

Earthquake essay in gujarati

Geography (Location today, location in the past) most gujaratis originate from the northwestern part of india, from the state of Gujarat. Today they have spread to various metros in the contry like Mumbai, delhi, etc. but many are now NRIs who have migrated to the United States or UK 3.

Essay About Earthquake Written In Gujarati Annabella Rubio Geology Professor Weaver June 16, Kobe vs Northridge Earthquake Earthquakes can be devastating natural disasters as experienced in the Kobe earthquake in Japan.

However, earthquakes are not what kill people, being unprepared is what causes the most harm. Home / About earthquake essay / About earthquake essay.

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Gujarat and Sanfrancisco Earthquake Essay Sample The aim of the enquiry is to find out what the factors were, which led to more people dying in the Gujarat earthquake in , then the San Francisco earthquake in In the history of natural calamities, the Gujarat. Earthquake was the most devastating in India.

The Gujarat Earthquake took place at a distance of 20 kilometers from Bhuj, Gujarat, and was scaled as 6. 9 on the Richter scale. The Gujarat Earthquake took place on the 26th January when the Republic Day celebration .

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