Internnational negotiations reflective essay

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Internnational negotiations reflective essay

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Order now I was given the opportunity to observe multidisciplinary team members working together and participated in the discussion about patients whom I took care of.

The second stage of Gibbs model of reflection is a discussion about my thoughts and feelings. My feelings at the time were mixed. I felt welcome and accepted within the MDT meeting. Many of the professionals who took part in the meeting,I knew from my daily work, and this made me feel comfortable.

The MDT listened to my opinion and asked further questions. I always thought of myself as a confident person. However, when I stood and spoke in front of more qualified people then myself, my confidence vanished.

I had no experience in speaking in front of large group and I was very nervous. For this reason my speech was not always consistent. In such a case, my mentor supported me and helped me by asking additional question that lead me to the right way.

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I found it very interesting to see how MDT cooperate and communicate well with each other. I am going to enter the third stage of Gibbs model of reflection which is evaluation. There are many positive aspects of the MDT meeting. One of them is that the Internnational negotiations reflective essay professionals of different specialities are working as a team to achieve the same goals.

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The team members have different skills and knowledge. Their roles and responsibilities vary and are based on their professional experience. Works in a team allows to collect informations from all its members which ensures that no important information about the patient will be ignored or missed.

Another big advantage of these meetings is that they are carried out every day. According to Whyte et al. However, if effective communication among the team is not achieved, errors may occur. It is the major disadvantages of the MDT. The National Patient Safety Agency communication difficulties identified as a main factor influencing patient outcomes.

Stage four of Gibbs model is an analysis of the event. Communication is defined as a process that involves a meaningful exchange between at least two people to convey facts, needs, opinions, thoughts, feelings or other information through both verbal and non-verbal means, including face to face exchanges and the written word DH For the MDT is important to effectively communicate with each other and overcome all communication barriers that may arise because poor communication among health professionals can negatively impact patient care.

Atmosphere during the meeting was friendly and thank to this that all team members knew each other from daily meetings effective communication was easily achieved.

However, there was a few problems. A noticeable issue was that medical abbreviation used by the doctor were not understood by others members of the team. This led to interruption of his speech to find out about their mining. This is mainly related to the fact that different health care workers have different training and education.

Another factor who had significant influence on the MDT meeting and extended it was partially not updated handover from previous shift. The team had to correct the informations contained in it.

In this case the handover missed its intended purpose because it was originally designed to transfer information concerning an individual patient with outstanding task from the outgoing to the incoming teams Farhan et al. I think that I did well by participating in this meeting.

As a student but also as a front line worker I could learn a lot from other professionals and I was able to inform the members of the team about the patients, whom I looked after, progress.

This is important because as a front line worker I interact more with patients during their hospital stay then any other health professional in the MDT Hamilton, Martin, It belonged to them “is an essay written by Leigh-Ann Smith contributed to the website, The Globe and Mail.

The essay is about how after her parents divorced her childhood was no longer hers. She had two separate families and it was just frustrating to her. Reflective writing is the expression on paper/screen of some of the mental processes of reflection.

Other forms of expressing reflection are in speech, in film, in graphic portrayal, music etc.

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Other forms of expressing reflection are in speech, in film, in graphic portrayal, music etc. Reflection Essay- Zenur & Levon Negotiation Process. it has been especially essential to wind up distinctly a reflective essay writer and that in undertaking such perceptions enhances one’s as well as improves specific knowledge.

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Internnational negotiations reflective essay

A Book Review Essay by Tony Williams. Deliberately described as a “provocative film scholar,” this prolific, self-educated expert in film, who has written more than books in the area Read More». We use negotiations to achieve our goals, realize our expectations, work out a compromise or simply avoid trouble with others.

This reflective essay will endeavor to show the growth I have been able to achieve in my negotiation techniques along with my ntentions on their application in my personal and professional life.

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