Is money the sole motivator for

Both had a major impact on the way that business is conducted to this day, but their theories could not have been more different and more in opposition from each other. Taylor, an engineer by trade, developed the notion of scientific management in business in the early s. He called the average worker "stupid" and said, in a nutshell, that workers should do only exactly what they are told to do, even if it meant "enforced cooperation.

Is money the sole motivator for

To what extent is money a motivator for employees Introduction Motivation is act of giving an incentive for doing something; it sense feeling of interest, enthusiasm and commitment making people feel satisfied with themselves and their current jobs Motivation, Employers today liked their employees to be motivated and ready for work but donot understand the underlying fact that really motivates an employee.

The secret behind company efficiency lies in invested interest of employees in future of company. Is money a best motivator for employees? The outcome shows that four factors viz. The results were surprising that pay, working condition and benefits were not chosen among factors highly desired for job satisfaction.

The survey depicts that money is not the sole motivator for the employees. While it is true, it also showed that the employees underreport the significance of pay as motivational factor in several situations.

This may be partly due to the fact that people have tendency of saying one thing but doing another. In other words peoples have tendency to do the things reflecting approved behaviors Rynes et al.

This theory contradicts the above mentioned survey results which showed that people gained motivation from other incentives and overlooked the importance of money as a motivator. People looking for job pick it based on reward system offered by the organization.

One common myth that some peoples born with the self motivation while others are not. This is fabricated statement because of the fact that right type of the management can motivate people lacking self motivation as motivation can be acquired skill learned with right determination.

Getting challenging tasks, praise from co workers and employers and learning opportunities are the sources of motivation. To keep a balance between needs that are being fulfilled and needs yet to be acquired keep people motivated.

Employees need support for satisfying their desires and this is more than merely monetary incentives. Conclusion Motivation is complex concept and can be helpful or harmful depending upon how it is utilized within organization.

Manager recognition of employees need could be extremely beneficial for making a pleasant working environment.

This will ensure the improved productivity of the employees. If above suggestion followed managers will have highly motivated team. A Study of Motivation: How to Get Your Employees Moving. Motivation in the workplace- theory and practice.

Retrieved March 17,from http: Human resources management 5th ed. New York, New York: Organizational behavior 3 rd.The survey depicts that money is not the sole motivator for the employees.

While it is true, it also showed that the employees underreport the significance of pay as motivational factor in several.

Is money the sole motivator for

Mitchell has defined motivation as ‘the degree to which an individual wants and chooses to engage in specified behaviours’. Simply put, motivation is the reason why an individual wants to do something.

The first thing crosses a person's mind while choosing a job is money. We get respect in society only due to the money factor.

Is money a sole motivator in the workplace? |

Before following your passion one should look at their financial background. Using this model it becomes clear that money is a motivator but not the only motivator. If motivation is not present it can cause dissatisfaction, the extent of this determined by one’s circumstances and other satisfactions that can be achieved at work.

Money as the Sole Motivator?

Is money a sole motivator in the workplace? |

Within most organizational environments, motivation is the process of persuading members of the organization to perform in a productive manner. The debate exists, however, in relation to the best means of motivating individuals within organizational environments. Money isn't a motivator Story continues below advertisement Believe it or not, when it comes to employee motivation, money isn't as important as you might think.

Is Money an Effective Motivator at Work