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Jumpin jack flash

I met with a client last month with a quite embarrassing problem … flatulence. In our human realm, it is more often figurative — a situation, scenario, event, occurrence, relationship, person or job that we cannot accept.

Think of what is was like Jumpin jack flash be the youngest of five children, all of your clothes were hand-me-downs.

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The jejunum and ileum, e. This is better known as — you guessed it, constipation. The stasis that ensues in the sluggish gut enables further fermentation to occur.

The Second Biological Law of German New Medicine relates to the two phase nature of all disease — conflict activity sympathetic nervous system and conflict resolution parasympathetic nervous system. In this scenario, as we enter the healing phase — symptoms may present that will include intestinal discomfort, gas and flatulence.

If the flatulence is chronic and seemingly related to specific foods and or combinations of food — then we are oft looking at tracks think triggers, reminders, sub-conscious deja vu. Tracks act as reminders that contribute the chronicity and recurrence of a biological program or disorder.

At the moment of the biological conflict-shock, the psyche is wide open and processing billions of bits of information. The recordings that remain are referred to as tracks. The stimuli that are recorded can serve to later send us back into conflict activity.

As mentioned, the common allergic response is a nice example of a track. If, at the moment of separation conflict we are eating strawberries one bit, pun intended, of perhaps hundreds of bits that are recorded in this snap-shot-in-time we may later in life develop an allergy to strawberries that expresses in the same way as the healing phase of the original separation conflict, e.

If, at the moment of a biological conflict-shock relating to an indigestible anger, a specific food or food combination was present iow, was in the snapshot-in-time this food combination may serve as allergen deja-vu at some point in the future.

When an allergen track is present or presented to our nervous system — the subconscious is brought back to the moment in time of the original biological conflict. In other words, we go back into conflict activity. In this scenario, when we repeatedly enter the resolution phase of an indigestible anger morsel conflict, we will experience the healing phase symptoms of intestinal discomfort, gas and flatulence.

When one removes the offending allergen food combination from their diet, it is not the avoidance of the specific food combination that cures the flatulence.

It is the removal of the track!!

Jumpin jack flash

Meaning we no longer get triggered back into go conflict activity and the inevitable healing phase — the expression of which is a surplus of intestinal gas.

Chronic flatulence is at times, a relapsing allergic response to the specific food combination. So how do we inactivate this allergy response?

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By unearthing the original biological conflict and understanding how the presence of the specific food combination, was a part of that snapshot-in-time, so it is released by the psyche and no longer triggers the response.

Unless these subconscious reminders are made conscious, a vicious cycle ensues. Lactose intolerance as well as Celiac disease embody the same principle at play.Watch Jumpin' Jack Flash starring Whoopi Goldberg in this Romance on DIRECTV.

It's available to watch on TV, online, tablets, phone. A computer operator at a bank is plunged into an exciting world of international intrigue, danger and romance when her terminal gets an S.O.S.

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from "Jumpin' Jack Flash," a British spy stranded in Eastern Europe. She is soon matching wits with the deadliest members of the CIA to the KGB. Jon Lovitz. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Jumpin' Jack Flash - Original Soundtrack on AllMusic.

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In a recording career that has spanned over half a century, Franklin's repertoire has included gospel, jazz, blues, R&B, pop, rock and funk. "Jumpin' Jack Flash" is a very funny comedy-thriller starring comedienne and current "Hollywood Squares" star Whoopi Goldberg in the movie she made after .

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