Literature review on training and development in india

This paper aims to provide a synthetic review of the literature on the training and development.

Literature review on training and development in india

Abstract Background A profound nursing shortage exists in India where nurses are increasingly outmigrating to practice nursing in surrounding countries and abroad.

This is important globally because countries with the lowest nursing and healthcare workforce capacities have the poorest health outcomes.

Literature review on training and development in india

Objective This review sought to synthesize and unify the evidence about nurse migration from India and includes a look at nurse retention within India.

Design A comprehensive literature review was performed to synthesize and unify both qualitative and quantitative research. Hand searches of the Nursing Journal of India from to February and the Journal of Nursing Research Society of India from its inception in —February were also completed.

Review process 29 studies were selected and analyzed for the review. Data were appraised for quality; reduced through sub-categorization; extracted; and coded into a framework.

Thematic interpretation occurred through comparing and contrasting performed by multiple reviewers.

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Results Findings included an exponential growth in nurse recruitment efforts, nurse migration, and a concomitant growth in educational institutions within India with regional variations in nurse migration patterns. Decision-making factors for migration were based on working conditions, salience of family, and the desire for knowledge, skill, technology, adventure and personal enrichment.

Challenges associated with migration included questionable recruiting practices, differing scopes of practice encountered after migration and experiences of racism and cultural differences. A shift toward a positive transformation of nursing status in India has resulted in an increased respect for individual nurses and the profession of nursing.

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This was attributed to the increased globalization of nursing. Conclusions Results from this review can be used to shape health policy and advocate for nursing reform in India.

Additionally, as the globalization of nurses increases, more research is needed to develop effective programs to aid in a smooth transition for nurses who migrate from India. Previous article in issue.The authors suggest that training and development is a process leading to qualitative as well as quantitative advancements in an organization, especially at the managerial level.

It is stated that training has specific areas and objectives whilst development is a continuous process less concerned. A Brief Literature Review on Employee Motivation Posted on March 25, by John Dudovskiy Bruce and Pepitone () propose an interesting viewpoint according to which managers cannot motivate employees; managers can only influence what employees are motivated to do.

INDEX Chapter 2: Literature Review Content Page No 2 Introduction 7 Hospitality Industry 8 Development of Hospitality Industry in India 10 Classification of Hotels 14 Recent Trends in Tourism and Hospitality Industry in India 17 Importance of Training and Development .

Competency Based Management In Organizational Context: A Literature Review This paper reviews the available literature on competency based management and its uses in the organizational sector. Very little training and development, performance management, career development, compensation and pay etc.

to. TOWARDS TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT IN PUBLIC SECTOR UNIT Dr. T. N. Murty1 and Faiza Fathima2 REVIEW OF LITERATURE Rebecca R. Kehore and Patrick. M. Wright () conducted a study on the Impact of High 1. To study the perception of employees towards Training and Development in PSU.

2. To study .

Literature review on training and development in india

The purpose of this study is to review the literature for evaluation of the training and development. The various reviews have been studied at a large perspective on training and development in multidiscipline and of different industries in India and abroad, with a focus on different evaluation studies made on training and development studies .

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