Malayalam speech on corruption in india

Even though he was referring to notes, Modi got the dates, events and people pertaining to and wars wrong. The obvious reason seems to be the professional British-style military inherited by Nehru which had kept politics out of the organisation and had clearly enunciated lines of civil-military authority. The colonial army was indeed strict about professional norms, where officers never got involved in politics. But the same colonial traditions and similar institutional inheritances did not stop the Pakistan Army from capturing power in through a coup.

Malayalam speech on corruption in india

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The speech topic for today is corruption and I will address my viewpoint on the same, particularly on political corruption.

Ever since the formation of our country, everything is dictated by the political leaders and people ruling in the government sectors. The common people, as always, find themselves in a state of deprivation.

In our country, the gap between the haves and have-nots is so huge that it becomes a clear example of corruption in our country where one section of society acquires richness and wealth and on the other hand the majority of the masses remain below the poverty line.

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This is the reason why economy of certain nations is facing a decline, such as the USA economy. If the majority section of our society will continue to live in deprivation and poverty and will not find any employment opportunity, the crime rate will never come down.

It is high time for us to address this issue and fight it in order to pave way for the holistic growth of our country. The parliament should pass strict laws against the anti-social elements of our society, regardless of the fact that whether such people are within the political system of our country or outside it.

There should be an equal treatment for all. If one were to think and evaluate the causes behind corruption, then it could be countless. It appears that the ones who are employed to put an end to corruption have themselves become complicit in the crime and are encouraging it.

Malayalam speech on corruption in india

Though there are various strict laws like the Prevention of money Laundering Act; Indian Penal Code of and the Prevention of Corruption Act, ; to name a few, but there is no serious implementation of these laws.

Yet another important reason behind corruption is the non-transparency of bureaucratic and governmental functions.


In particular, the institutions that are run under the government show moral laxity and brush under the carpet serious issues. The money that should be used for the upliftment of poor people is gobbled up by the politicians themselves. Even worse, the people who are not affluent and cannot bribe the people in power are not able to get their work done and hence their files are fated to meet the dust instead of stimulating action.

Clearly, any growing economy would come falling down when corrupt officials hold the reign of a country. The situation has become very tense and unless the general public takes proactive measures and becomes vigilant, the corruption cannot be uprooted from our society.

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I, one of the senior faculty members of History Department, welcome you all on the eve of Independence Day Celebration. Amidst celebration and gaiety, it has been thought fit by the faculty members to address some serious issue that our nation is suffering with and which is primarily corruption.

Where does the problem lie — in the governance or society as a whole? We need to identify those grey areas which lead to the spread of corruption and adopt strict measures for eradicating those causes.

Winning independence from the British rule was one thing, but we will only be able to make this freedom worth their efforts when every citizen of this country will be able to enjoy a basic standard of living and there will be no iniquity in our society.

No doubt, our country is a land of nature and vivid landscape; however the beauty and goodwill of our land has been marred by the ensuing corrupt activities that are going all around.

Nearly in every sector, we can see corrupt personnel who do not deliver their roles and responsibilities well unless are bribed by the common people.

Such illegal activities are going day by day for a simple reason that we, as the natives of this country, are encouraging these people and no strict actions are being taken against them. Moreover, such people think that they can easily escape the laws and go unscathed.

In fact, you would find corrupt people in the senior administration to the junior staff and even at the clerical positions. Not only cities, but even small towns and villages have come under its influence.

Clearly, our students are the future of this country, so you should pledge to never adopt any corrupt path under any situation and in fact you will raise your voice against any unlawful or illegal activity that takes place around.

The speech topic for today is corruption and I will address my viewpoint on the same, particularly on political corruption. Ever since the formation of our country, everything is dictated by the political leaders and people ruling in the government sectors. A speech on fight against corruption. 7. Dear student, One would say the corruption in India has an ancient lineage; it is sanctified by tradition. plz give a speech on IMPORTANCE OF SPORTS AND experts as fast as u can. Joan essay on "prakrithi sneham manavasamrakshanathinu" on malayalam. There were grave factual errors in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election rally speech last week. Even though he was referring to notes, Modi got the dates, events and people pertaining to and wars wrong. Keeping those gaffes aside, the essence of Modi’s appeal to the voters was that.

Problems aggravate when we turn a blind towards them, but I sincerely hope that from now on each one of us will strictly oppose and prevent corrupt activities from happening anywhere in our country and expose such officials too who act as a blockage in the development of our country.

A poison that ruins the value of individuals and the country. My perspective as to what corruption means is that, it is an act performed deliberately that reduces the authenticity and quality of the nation.

We as individuals should understand that even though by giving money for getting our work done helps us in quick execution but deep within it is deteriorating the quality of our life.Corruption in India- Causes, Impact and the Fight Against Corruption Despite the cohabitation of corruption and exceptional economic growth in India, researchers argue that that there is potential for further growth that is held back by the institutions of administration and linked corruption (Heston & Kumar, ).

Languages spoken in India belong to several language families, the major ones being the Indo-Aryan languages spoken by % of Indians and the Dravidian languages spoken by % of Indians. Languages spoken by the remaining % of the population belong to the Austroasiatic, Sino-Tibetan, Tai-Kadai, and a few other minor language families and isolates.

The second charge sheet against Thomas, based on which his suspension was continued, cited his two books in Malayalam as being in contravention of The Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act, “One book is my autobiography, about my life and not about politics.

It is a literary work.

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India's Army, Air Force and Navy to soon be under single leadership command. The government has made the provision as part of its policy to ensure operational synergies among the three services, official sources have said.

Malayalam speech on corruption in india

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