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This is a large two-day auction drawing a lot of interest. All photos and commentary on this page are provided by Don. This auction bring in people from many different communities, including many from out of state.

Meet the hutterites watch online free

Part 1 Part 1 Narrator: In the summer ofat docks up and down the eastern seaboard, thousands of American soldiers boarded ships bound for France. They were the vanguard of a new American army, about to enter the most destructive war the world had ever known.

The United States goes from being the country on the other side of the ocean to being the preeminent world power.

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This is the birth of the on-going debate over how involved America should be in the world. The troops were drawn from every corner of the country, and reflected the teeming diversity of turn-of-the-century America. Helen Zoe Veit, Historian: In many ways World War I forced Americans to ask what are we as a country?

Who are we as a people? All across the country, communities staged elaborate celebrations to send their men off to war. But underneath the calls for unity, Americans were deeply divided. World War I showed Americans the best and worst that the country is capable of. It lays bare questions the Americans continue to ask themselves for the rest of the 20th century.

This was a period of deep paranoia in this country.

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Women who refused to set aside their campaign for suffrage because of the war were set upon by mobs and carted off to prison. African-American men joined in a war for freedom abroad, while being denied it at home. The war galvanizes African Americans, not just to fight for their country, but to fight for their rights as American citizens.

When the ships let loose their lines and headed out to sea, the troops on board were entering a conflict of unprecedented bloodshed and suffering, one that had come to be known as The Great War.

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Dan Carlin, Podcast Producer: Crowds were flocking to theaters to see the newest film by Charlie Chaplin. A loaf of bread cost six cents. Inthe nation boasted a population of almost a hundred million people. A third of them were immigrants, or had parents who had been born abroad.

And one out of three Americans lived on farms. Women could vote, but only in twelve states of the union. In the South, African Americans had virtually no political rights at all.

Europe was a one-week steamship voyage away. In the United States was the largest producer of steel. It had the biggest transportation network. It had more energy resources.

Meet the hutterites watch online free

It had the second biggest population in the western world saving only Russia. But the American people as a whole were quite ambivalent about whether or not they actually wanted to become one of the great powers that arbitrated the destinies of the world at large.

I think that Wilson had, even in this vision of America as a moral beacon in the world, as a city upon a hill, this sense that Americans had something to give to the world.

The Great War

Germany was led by a kaiser, Russia a tsar. Great Britain and France, two democracies, jealously guarded far-flung colonial empires. The assassination of an obscure Austro-Hungarian aristocrat by a Serbian nationalist had provided a pretext to unleash imperial rivalries that were breaking the continent apart.

Germany and its ally, Austria Hungary, declared war on Serbia and her ally, Russia. Germany then invaded France — through neutral Belgium — and Russia.

Britain came to the aid of, the French and the Belgians and suddenly, millions of men were fighting a war whose very purpose seemed hard to comprehend. What were they thinking?With both fires nearly fully-contained, the worst is finally over. is the web's best resource for series information about primetime television.

I n the general public got a graphic illustration of the “tragedy of the commons” in satellite photos of the earth. Pictures of northern Africa showed an irregular dark patch square miles in area. Ground-level investigation revealed a fenced area inside of which there was plenty of grass.

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The Waldensians (also known variously as Waldenses (/ w ɔː l ˈ d ɛ n s iː z, w ɒ l-/), Vallenses, Valdesi or Vaudois) were an ascetic movement within Christianity, founded by Peter Waldo in Lyon around The Waldensian movement first appeared in Lyon in the late s [citation needed] and quickly spread to the Cottian Alps between what is today France and Italy.

Next week the annual Jamesport, Missouri Spring Hill School Consignment Auction will be held. This is a large two-day auction drawing a lot of interest. As a preview we have some photos from last year’s event, courtesy of Don Burke.

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