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I just bought some RN LoRa module from Microchip online and also get some from Avnet thank you Guillaume The module is easy to solder on a prototype board and get its command over a serial port.

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I choose to make two modules: The first one is connected to a FTDI cable and will stay at home as a basestation The second one is connected to an Arduino and will be a mobile device for my test Create the test board The RN module have a lot of pins but most of them are GPIOs and power supply.

To make my Microchip simple, I decide to not connect all the GND and it sounds to work as expected, so at the end my schema looked like this. The RF antenna I use is a half wave antenna centered on Mhz. Once soldered, the test board are looking like: Once set on your terminal, you can communicate with the module.

The list of available command can be retrieved here. Microchip are 3 level of commands: So you have to run on each of the board: It returns a long pause duration when you do not specify your expected duration.

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This also impacts the duration of the transmission that becomes longer. With KHz the sensitivity is better but time on air is longer. Chip is capable from KHz to KHz. The time on air is doubled from KHz to KHz.

With the default configuration we have the following configuration: The first thing to do is to configure one of the device for reception: The system will be based on a transmitter always sending a message every 30 seconds and a receiver making a led blinking every time the message is received.

This is based on Arduino.

Create the test board

The command radio set wdt set a reception timeout to s to ensure being in the expected transmission windows. Make the test, get the map With this solution done, I did some tests driving in my city. The result is not a really good benchmark for many reason, the first one is that the emitter was on my roof but not on top of it, so part of my roof was hiding the western part of the city what can can easily see on the graph below.

The blue point from where the arrow are starting is the emitter position. LoRa coverage zone The emitter was in the city downtown and the 1,3Km is really going on a city environment with a lot of building.

The longest distance have about 2km of city and 2km of country side. The part on the top left of the map is a mountain that is limiting the coverage in this area. On the map, the red part are location where I did a test and get nothing. The blue one the location where I did the test and it was working well, the uncolored parts are where I did no tests.

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Next step will be to put an emitter on top of our mountains to make a better test!Order online from Microchip’s ecommerce store with the world’s largest inventory of Microchip products incl. access to Custom Programming, Volume Pricing and more.

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These circuits may be made by exposing the chip to a high-temperature vapor of controlled composition. The vapor deposits a thin layer (sometimes only a few atoms thick) on the silicon.

In this way complex layers of materials, such as those found in transistors can be built up in a very small area.

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