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Chase Alice back into waking reality and recede into her subconscious Quote "Button! Who's got the button?! Contents [ show ] Background The Tweedles are two fat brothers dressed in schoolboy uniforms and wearing propeller caps. They take particular delight in reciting poems and songs.

Miss dee

Two hp Liberty Vs Displacement: Her art deco style is both majestic and wild. She is currently mid-way through a total restoration and the permanent injury of my restorer makes this project available. She is the only Dee Wite Torpedo known to exist.

Lodge personally supervised her design and construction for his Gold Cup racing competition although she was also designed to carry over ten passengers in luxurious comfort. Many original photographs and magazine articles are with Miss dee boat and her pedigree and history are very well known.

Barbee is believed to have sold her in as she was advertised in the July, issue of "Sea Magazine". Long-time Newport Beach resident, John Miller, was in the boat business on the West Coast from the s through the s and is still Miss dee in the wooden boat hobby today, he vividly remembers Miss Dee Wite II in her original condition in Newport Beach in the early s.

Don recalls Barbee taking a nighttime full speed ocean ride with a boatload of intoxicated passengers from Newport Beach to Catalina Island, buzzing Avalon Harbor, and being arrested for a night in jail on his return. He also relayed that Barbee did not survive a barroom brawl in a Los Angeles bordello.

From original photographs, five fold down windshields have been fabricated in order to maintain this feature.

During this time her decks and engines were removed and she was on her way of being converted to a fishing boat until a member of the Antique and Classic Boat Society found her in the San Fernando Valley see photo saving her from further humility.

Her dash board, gauges, throttles and port and starboard lights were gone, but discovered a few years later gracing the wall of a Southern California restaurant. The second engine is being completed to match the first engine. Specific questions regarding the Liberty engines can be referred to Mikal White who has become quite a Liberty expert.

Mike supervises my automobile and wooden boat collection and is equally at home working on Silver Ghosts, Duesenbergs, Maybachs, Liberty Vs or anything else for that matter.

He spent years researching, consulting with experts around the country and rebuilding the engines to their state-of-the-art condition. A complete hull restoration will complete this worthy project.

The integrity of the hull shape is sound, it is not bent, bowed or broken. Excepting that the deck from the front cockpit rearward and about three feet of the stern been unceremoniously removed, the hull is relatively complete.

Fortunately, the stern was cut at a "step" in the hull so fabricating this non-structural feature will be relatively straightforward.

We have original photographs of the hull from all directions, looking up at the bottom while being hoisted into Lake Tahoe, as well as from above looking down on the decks and into of each of the three compartments which will greatly assist in the hull restoration.

Miss dee

The hull is currently stored in a Michigan warehouse. The engines as well as the deck hardware, instruments, original photographs, magazine articles and other historical data, etcetera, are located in California. Much of her history is relayed on Page of the same book. Many original photographs, magazine articles and magazine advertisements are with the boat, some are displayed here: She is an impressively designed and powered one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is in a class by herself, truly a Duesenberg of wooden boats.Kierin Magenta Kirby (born August 15, ), better known as Lady Miss Kier, is an American singer, DJ, fashion icon, and activist.

She was the vocalist for the internationally acclaimed band Deee-Lite, followed by a career as a DJ and solo songwriter. She is also known widely for her social, environmental, and human rights activism.

Well, like most kids, I just loved the snow. Not just for the day’s off, but for the beauty and fun it brought to the neighborhood. I can remember looking outside at night, watching the flakes gently fall down through the beam of the spotlight, hoping that it would never stop.

Miss Dee can also work in larger format bands including Keyboards, percussion, Saxophone/Guitar and more to provide a larger sound for events.

Miss Dee recently performed for the World Champion Australian Cricket Team’s winning party with Sammy Sax. Come and enjoy a hilarious evening in “Miss Dee’s Kitchen“ while she’s cleaning chitterlings and always giving helpful advise to the neighborhood.

She guides her daughter through troubled times in the midst of a dysfunctional family, and shows that there's always light at the end of every tunnel.

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"Miss Dee Wite II" 35' Torpedo Triple Cockpit Runabout