National academic writing month

That first year there were 21 of us, and our July noveling binge had little to do with any ambitions we might have harbored on the literary front.

National academic writing month

national academic writing month

Frost also discussed the start of AcBoWriMo on her own blog. The vast majority of participants claimed to have enjoyed the month-long writing support group who communicated primarily on Twitter.

A few dissonant voices argued that writing quality might be compromised by working intensively or that the project could give the impression that academic writing can and should be a fast process.

One possibility is the inclusion of a broader discussion on the nature of academic work.

national academic writing month

Different subject areas have different demands, and some tasks can be completed quickly while others require a slower and more considered process. While Charlotte has been quick to embrace social media as a communication and team-building tool for the challenge, she also acknowledges that the juxtaposition of instant communication with a discipline that may not move at that speed is a challenge and worthy of a dialogue.

Additionally, other participants defended Frost and the project.

Academic Writing Month - Wikipedia

The PhD2Published website publishes a variety of blog posts on academic writing. Other components include a public accountability spreadsheet and the hashtag AcWriMo. You have to decide on a goal where you count either words, hours or projects. You discuss your progress on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

You have to work really hard and not get distracted.

National Novel Writing Month

And at the end you must publicly declare your results on the spreadsheet or on social media.AcWriMo is short for Academic Writing Month, a month-long event held each November that encourages academic writers, from undergrads to professors, to zero in on better and more efficient writing, share their progress, and participate in a support network with fellow writers.

We began, wherever we could, to refer to our organization simply as National Novel Writing Month. And later on, we got papers from the state to make the change official.

Since was the last year of Script Frenzy, we slid the first month of Camp NaNoWriMo up to the formerly script-dedicated month of April. Some of you may have heard of National Novel Writing Month, an international challenge to write “a 50,word rough draft in the 30 days of November.” Three years ago, academic leaders at PhD2Published and other blogs adapted this challenge for academic writers.

Nov 19,  · This November, Hommel is participating once again in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and attempting to complete the challenge of writing an entire 50,word novel in just 30 days, joining more than , people across the globe.

Academic Writing Month (also known as "AcWriMo") ("NaBloPoMo") and National Poetry Writing Month ("NaPoWriMo"). It was established by Charlotte Frost and the academic resource PhD2Published, a blog geared towards helping early-career academics learn how to get published.

November The world needs your novel.

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