Parental influence on children

A parent can influence their children in many ways.

Parental influence on children

Nothing stirs up passions more than the controversy generated when parents are at war over the custody of a child.

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A controversy is an issue where evidence on both sides can make a compelling case. It is never black and white, but when people have their emotions aroused, an issue can quickly turn into two polar opposites.

Fear takes over reason, incomplete facts become evidence, and court calendars become jammed with repeat visits to a judge to try to bring sanity to what is unlikely to ever be sane.

On top of this, social movements are promoting one side over another in their clamor for justice. Politicians are lobbied to pass laws to bring order to chaos. Gender wars are fueled and lives are destroyed. Many of the parents in my classes were litigating over child custody. Most said that they wanted to settle the case, but none of them would settle by giving up all access to their child, which seemed to be the only other alternative open to them.

It was disturbing to see that in many of these cases, the child was behaving outrageously, to the point of cursing one of their parents, and kicking, spitting, and calling them stupid, mean and horrible.

What can you do when one parent is intractable and vitriolic? What can you do when the child becomes caught up in the fight and starts taking sides? I came to realize that this level of conflict in custody disputes was a fallout from sweeping societal changes.

In the 's and the 's, feminists told fathers that they should take a more active role in raising their children. Women were going to work, going back to college and pursuing careers as never before.

A shift then began, and fathers became more involved in the day-to-day care of their children than was true in previous generations.

Parental influence on children

As rigidity about parental roles began to fall away, the tender years doctrine was still in place. This doctrine presumed that by virtue of the fact that a woman was the mother of a child, that she must be the superior parent. In the early 's several states passed "no-fault" divorce laws, where anyone who wanted out of a marriage was free to leave.

Some have called it the "no guilt laws. After a family breakup, many fathers wanted to continue to be involved with the care of their children. Suddenly, they found that they had no legal right to have custody of their children unless the mother agreed to it.What Factors Influence Body Image and How to Create Positive Body Image in Children.

June 9, By Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar.

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Study Aim/→ Outcome n Population Intervention Key findings/Comments (Duncker, )To explore the influence of peer models on food preference. → Preference, choice Preschool children aged 2–6 years in London, England. The voices of adults who were alienated as children, revealed in the professional literature and observed in my research and experience over three decades with more than a thousand families, make it clear that in some cases, we may think we are hearing a child’s voice when, in fact, we may be receiving a distorted broadcast laced with the .

Approximately one in two marriages in the United States ends in divorce, affecting about a million children per year. About 10% of these divorces involve custody litigation.

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Parental Alienation IS child abuse and emotional abuse the following is an outline prepared from the personal experiences of many along with much professional input and attempts to explain in laymans terms various aspects of Parental Alienation..

Parental alienation should not be confused with parental alienation syndrome (PAS) as one is the act of and the other is the result of and in. Save your children in difficult parental alienation cases.

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