Teamwork case study essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Mike is a manufacturing manager at Auto Safety Products, which is a firm in the Midwest that designs and produces automobile seat belts and infant and child safety seats. Jill is a design engineer for the same firm.

Teamwork case study essay

Has the relevant skills for the project. The accurate categorising of individuals against these team roles and ensuring representation of all job types within the team is critical in success of any management or work team. This will ensure there is a balance between roles in the team. A behavioural test, which would usually be in he form of a questionnaire, measures the way the person behaves in numerous situations.

Tests can be self-assessment or may be completed by an observer. Once the results are analysed, a team can be set up with the ideal mix. People are unlikely to change between categories, as their roles are based on personality, not job roles. Small workforces would only have a limited number of behavioural types with the knowledge and skill required for the job.

The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid shown below plots leadership style along 2 axes. The attitudes of an individual manager towards people and towards the task are assessed on a scale of on each axis. The table opposite also shows 3 other extreme types of roles.

Country Club Style; which are generally not perceived as being appropriate for a team leader. As, they have a high concern for people, but a low concern for production and although the atmosphere is friendly there will be low production and profit.

Teamwork case study essay

Impoverished; Managers have low concern for both their employees and production. Managers use this style to avoid getting in to trouble as their main concern is not to be held responsible for anything, which results in less innovative decisions.

Produce or Perish; With a high concern for production and a low concern for people, these managers find employee needs unimportant. Managers using this style also pressure their employees through rules and punishments to achieve company goals.

This would lead to employee de-motivation. Althoughthere is a time and place for this type of leader, for examplein the army or police force. Achieving the task- setting aims, identifying resources, planning, reporting, and reviewing. Managing the team- Setting the standards of behaviour and work, maintaining discipline, boosting morale, keeping the communication between the team.

Managing individuals- Giving Support, training, praise, responsibility, status, opportunities to reach potential.

This leadership style will be successful in these industries as it is expected to be led under a very autocratic leader.

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However this style of management would not be successful in other industries such as retail or office work as employees would be highly de-motivated by an authoritarian leader. And Finally, I have studied the theory of McGregor.

McGregor believes that there are 2 types of management styles, which he has put into the 2 categories of the Theory Y manager, and the Theory X manager. He argued that the Theory X manager believes that: Alternatively, the Theory Y managers tend to take a more human relations view on employees.

They argue that many factors, not just money can motivate workers. McGregor argued that the Theory Y manager believes: Some argue that successful teams will be led by theory Y managers, who follow a democratic leadership style; allowing involvement in decision making, and assuming that employees will be self-motivated and give opportunities for creativity and imaginative output.

This management style would help to lead an effective team as it will motivate the employees, giving them a sense of responsibility and recognition. An example of when management has de-motivated its staff is at Principality.

The leadership was originally Autocratic, which caused a lot of employees to leave the company. However, the new chief executive is a democratic leader who is less traditional in his approach and has turned the company into a far more moden, informal culture.

This resulted in the return of employees who had previously left the company to work with competitors. Factors which affect Performance If a team is going to be successful it needs to consider the following 5 factors: I am going to talk about the advantages and problems which both a small team or large team can create.

The extra pressure from having more work can also be motivating for some people as they will be motivated to complete the task, knowing that they have a deadline, rather than just working at a slow pace for months.

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To overcome these disadvantages, the team chairperson would have to ensure that deadlines are checked regularly so that progress is in place, frequent meetings can be held to discuss any problems that have occurred and assistance can be given to each other on tasks when deadlines are fast approaching.

Large Team o A team with many members means that there are more people to get things done, meaning the task could be completed faster, with the work load spread between everyone, as long as the team is organised.

Although, it can be hard to interact in a large team as there are so many voices to be heard, and there may not be time for your opinion or, louder members of the group may over power the other members.

The Qualities of the Team Members The group needs to contain team members who are able to complete the task set. They must have all the relevant skills needed to complete the project ahead.

If the team members have similar personalities and attitudes then the team will have stability and work harmoniously.Case study; Case Study of Army Crew Team; A Pages: 2 Words: This is just a sample.

We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study of Army Crew Team specifically for you. Both army crew team and AAR project team have similar number of members and should have good teamwork to achieve good results.

While army crew team have fixed. A case study is used to investigate two teams of final year multimedia students completing a project-based unit, in which teamwork was an essential ingredient and immersed in an authentic context.

Case Study on Teamwork Problem Essay Case Study Summary Mike Garcia and Jill Hendrickson have been butting heads for months at work.

Mike is a manufacturing manager at Auto Safety Products, which is a firm in the Midwest that designs and produces automobile seat belts and infant and child safety seats. Teamwork Essay. TEAMWORK Teamwork is one of the most important concepts of everyday life.

A team is a group of individuals who strive to work together in order to achieve a common group goal. Teamwork and Team Performance - Case Study 3/23/ Contents 1.

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From the Starbucks case study, it is clear that there are three major issues that the. Case in motivation and teamwork of Starbuck. Case in motivation and teamwork of Starbuck Introduction Question 1 Formal teams are teams whose structures are .

Teamwork case study essay
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