The issue of the eligibility of ted cruz to be president and the accusation against christie in the

Though he sounded remorseful — and clearly sorry that this scandal might sink his ambitions for a durable legacy — he blamed his staff for making him a victim. Through his minute news conference, Mr. Obama insisted over and over that he knew absolutely nothing about this illegal scheme.

The issue of the eligibility of ted cruz to be president and the accusation against christie in the

No comment AllahpunditPosted at 4: A topic in the news today: Ted Cruz was born in Canada.

Reince Priebus on Ted Cruz's eligibility to be president: No comment

Is he constitutionally eligible to be President? The RNC really has no choice but to go all in on that. Other Republicans do, of course, have a choice: Terry Branstad said Monday that the issue of whether U.

The issue of the eligibility of ted cruz to be president and the accusation against christie in the

In theory, I suppose, Christie is better off if Trump wins Iowa than if Cruz does even though it may all but guarantee a Trump win in New Hampshire too.

And Christie would have trouble beating Cruz. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would clearly have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive. Paul Clement and Neal Katyal disagree, though, arguing that even under the Naturalization Act ofCruz would be a citizen based on the fact that his mother was a citizen and the fact that his father resided in the United States for a time.

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Either way, rest assured that not even the dependable lefties on the Supreme Court are going to boot Cruz off the ballot in the middle of an election if he has a whisper of a chance at winning. To the extent this issue matters, it matters only as a way for Trump to cast enough doubt about Cruz in the minds of voters to tilt a close election his way.

How many votes is Priebus going to sway, really?Cruz accused Trump of not being a consistent conservative or an ethical businessman, while Trump questioned the Canadian-born Cruz's constitutional eligibility to be president—candidates have to be natural-born U.S.

citizens to be eligible to be president—while noting Cruz. New Jersey Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin, in my latest New Jersey ballot challenges against Senator Ted Cruz, found in that English and U.S.

naturalization Acts were incorporated into and became part of English and therefore U.S. common law and that therefore under that “common law,” a child born out of the United States to two.

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Jan 15,  · The Republican presidential debate in North Charleston, S.C. Credit Eric Thayer for The New York Times Remember that phase of the campaign when Ted Cruz .

Cruz lawsuit before the Supreme Court over Cruz’s eligibility. With Cruz representing himself. The irony is, if Cruz decides he wants to settle the eligibility issue in court, where he’ll almost certainly win, he actually might need Trump to sue him. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), right, gestures at rival GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Republican primary debate in Detroit on March 3.

Apr 10,  · The New Jersey secretary of state has scheduled a hearing Monday to make Sen. Ted Cruz prove he is eligible to run for president under the Constitution, after a Washington-area law professor filed.

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