The maid of orleans joan of arc

Little known facts documented in the historical record presented here prove that Joan of Arc herself was a real hereditary Templar, knowingly and purposefully continuing the living tradition of the Order of the Temple of Solomon. Just as the true history of Mary Magdalene proves that women can be religious leaders, the true history of Joan of Arc proves that women can be monastic warriors in their own right, on equal footing with men as their counterparts. These historical precedents, which are further supported by traditional doctrines and teachings of the Knights Templar, irrevocably establish that the Order welcomes and encourages the full participation of women, whether as Clergy, supporting Adjutantes female Sergeantsor Dames female Knights.

The maid of orleans joan of arc

Joan was the youngest of their five The maid of orleans joan of arc. While growing up among the fields and pastures of her village, she was called Jeannette but when she entered into her mission, her name was changed to Jeanne, la Pucelle, or Joan, the Maid.

As a child she was taught domestic skills as well as her religion by her mother. Joan would later say, "As for spinning and sewing, I fear no woman in Rouen.

Simonin Munier, one of Joan's childhood friends, tells how Joan had nursed him back to health when he was sick.

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Some of her playmates teased her for being 'too pious. Joan was 'like all the others' in her village until her thirteenth year. At first her 'Voices' came to her two or three times a week but as the time for her mission drew near five years laterthey visited her daily telling her to 'Go into France' to raise the siege of Orleans, conduct the Dauphin Charles to Reims for his crowning and to drive the English from the land.

Joan went to the neighboring town of Vaucouleurs, which means Valley of many colors. There she spoke to the loyal French governor by the name of Sir Robert de Baudricourt.

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After many rejections he finally agreed to send her to the Dauphin who at the time was living at the castle of Chinon. On the evening of February 23,she began her mission for God. In the company of six men, she rode through the Gate of France on her way to Chinon.

Joan reached this town on March 6th, but was not received by the Dauphin, Charles, until the evening of March 9th. After being accepted and approved by a Church council headed by the Archbishop of Reims, Joan was allowed to lead the Dauphin's army. This part of her career was meteoric. She entered Orleans on the evening of April 29th and by May 8th the city had been freed.

The Loire campaign started on June 9th and by June 19th the English were driven out of the Loire valley. From this time on, for reasons know only to King Charles, the king no longer valued Joan's advice and guidance. She had always told him that God had given her 'a year and a little longer' to accomplish His will but the king seemed to take no notice of it.

For almost a year he wasted what time remained to Joan, until in frustration, she left the court. Her last campaign lasted from the middle of March until her capture at the town of Compiegne on May 23rd, Her 'year and a little longer' was over.

Abandoned by her king and friends, she started her year of captivity.

Evidence that Joan of Arc was Hereditary Templar Nobility

As a prisoner of the Burgundians she was treated fairly but that all changed when on November 21st,she was handed over the English. How she survived their harsh treatment of her is a miracle in itself. The English not only wanted to kill Joan but they also wanted to discredit King Charles as a false king by having Joan condemned by the Church as a witch and a heretic.

To obtain this goal the English used those Church authorities whom they knew to be favorable to them and the staunchest of these was Bishop Cauchon. Joan's trial of condemnation lasted from February 21st until May 23rd.

She was finally burnt at the stake in Rouen's market square on May 30th, Twenty-five years later the findings of Joan's first trial were overturned and declared 'null and void' by another Church court, who this time was favorable to King Charles. It was not until that the Church of Rome officially declared Joan to be a saint.

Her feast day is celebrated on May 30th. I remember toddling over to the 'Chinese chest' where my parents placed all their magazines and newspapers and there I saw a woman wearing a helmet.

I was intrigued by this and began to leaf through the magazine's pages until I came to a series of photos connected with the play. I could not read at the time and so I concentrated on the pictures.

I was amazed and fascinated by one picture in particular, which showed the actress running in armor as she carried a sword high over her head."MAID OF HEAVEN WILL TAKE YOU ALONG ON AN EPIC JOURNEY AND MAKE YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND WHY JOAN OF ARC TRULY DESERVES TO BE CALLED A SAINT!" Maid of Heaven is the story of the legendary and incomparable Saint Joan of Arc.

Joan of Arc is associated with her contemporary Rene of Anjou ( AD), who was the Duke of Anjou and also titular hereditary King of Jerusalem ( AD). St Joan of Arc Daughter of God Pilgrimage to France.

Led by Chris and Catherine Snidow The next French Pilgrimage, in , to St Thierry, Rheims, Domremy, Orleans, Troyes is scheduled for June July 1, Joan of Arc is associated with her contemporary Rene of Anjou ( AD), who was the Duke of Anjou and also titular hereditary King of Jerusalem ( AD).

The maid of orleans joan of arc

The Maid of Orleans: The Life and Mysticism of Joan of Arc [Sven Stolpe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This acclaimed work on the life and legacy of Joan of Arc is considered by many historians as one of .

Now in ruins, the Great Hall of Chinon Castle is where Joan of Arc recognized the dauphin.

In the Footsteps of Joan of Arc