Week 2 business

Kudler Opening Budget, found in the materials listed on the course page for the University of Phoenix student website. Use at least one of the publicly traded businesses researched for the Week Three Learning Team assignment. Submit all ten components of your completed Financial Prospectus as a Microsoft.

Week 2 business

The Calendar, which is widely followed by retailers today, was derived in the s during an informal inter-industry discussion. Prior to and during the s, retailers used a straight calendar to report monthly sales. This calendar became problematic as Saturdays and Sundays became an increasingly large percentage of sales, since the number of weekends in a month varied year to year.

A calendar that maintained the same number of weekends in comparable months was desired and the Calendar was developed. Many stores began using the Calendar in the s.

Business days calculator in the USA

What is the purpose of the Calendar? The Calendar serves as a voluntary guide for the retail industry and ensures sales comparability between years by dividing the year into months based on a 4 weeks — 5 weeks — 4 weeks format.

The layout of the calendar lines up holidays and ensures the same number of Saturdays and Sundays in comparable months. Hence, like days are compared to like days for sales reporting purposes. In recent years, however, as the flow of information has improved, more companies are releasing sales data earlier in the week.

What is a week year?

Calendar with week numbers

This occurs approximately every five to six years, though this is not always the case. How does NRF determine the need for a 53rd week?

If, after laying out the entire week calendar for any given year, there are four or more days left in January during the 53rd week, then a 53rd week is added. For instance, if you look at the Calendar foryou will see that in there were only three days remaining in January after the 52nd week January However, in there were four days remaining in January so a 53rd week was added on to the end of that year.

How are sales during a week year compared to the subsequent year? For comparability purposes, the NRF Calendar restates a week year in the subsequent year ex.

Week 2 business

This is accomplished by pushing each week of the week year back one week, thereby ignoring the first week of the fiscal year in this example, The restatement is shown on the restated calendar. The first week of sales for begins on February 5,and ends on February 11,versus January 29 — February 4, on the non-restated calendar.

An alternative approach is to not restate and instead ignore the 53rd week of sales for comparability. Past Calendars Please verify scheduled events at websites.

Week 2 business

If you’d like to submit a business event for possible inclusion in our Business Events Calendar, send the following information via email to Steve Adamek at [email protected] as far in advance of the event as possible: name, time and location of event, event host, event speaker(s) and a website where readers can find more information.

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Send notices of business events to Business Datebook, New Haven Register, Gando Drive, New Haven or email to [email protected], at least a week before the event. Most Popular 1. In business and elsewhere, an action can be legal and morally wrong.

2. For philosophers, the important question is not how we come to have the particular moral principles we .

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