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Made from simple paper bags or just plain white office paper, they are so easy to make.

Wrapping paper wow


Well, my Spring Break is officially over as of tomorrow, and to ease the pain, I decided to come up with an art project to break up to tedious task of test prep Here are the materials I used: Page 3-Background that the flower will be mounted on Paint with a blend of colors that are different than the flower petals or leaves….

Use page one and cut out large flower petal shapes, then smaller petals, then a few even smaller petals, until all of the paper is used. Use page two and cut out several leaves of various sizes…try to use all of the paper.

Arrange the largest flower petal pieces evenly, so that their centers overlap in the middle. Put a small amount of glue on the end of the petals only where they overlap in the middle. Do NOT over glue; only gluing the centers will allow the petals to pop up, giving the 3-D look.

Follow this process, arranging the smaller petals on top of the larger one, again, only gluing them down in the center as you over lap them. Continue until all of the petals are arranged and glued into place.

Wrapping paper wow

Continue until all of the leaves are used. Cut out the center layered pieces for the flower, once done, glue them onto the center of the flower this will cover up where you have glued all of the other pieces together Step Six: Glue the completed flower onto the background piece of paper, and mount on a final sheet.

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And there you have it…All Done!How to Make a Folded Paper Bracelet. To make a folded paper bracelet you need strips of paper.

The strips of paper need to be 12cms x 3cms, bigger or smaller is fine, as long as the size ratio is A paper art and craft blog that features stylish DIYs, quilling projects, and paper artisans around the world.

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Hello! Sorry it's been quiet here lately.

How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

I've been working on my new book so have had my nose to the grindstone! I plan to post quite a few valentines ideas over the next few weeks (including a 'new & improved' version of that card) so do check back soon.

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Wrapping paper wow

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Thanks to a few recent online purchases, I had an enormous pile of long brown packing paper strips in my studio. I couldn’t bear to just recycle it; it seemed to have so much crafty potential.

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So tasked with the challenge of creating a project to help get organized for the new year, I decided to.

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